HBC HV IGBT industrial speed controllers (up to 400V, up to 400A, up to 60kW)

HBC 400400

These high performance speed regulators (up to 60kW) apply the most advanced IGBT modules in order to achieve maximum efficiency.

They are an intelligent solution with high-performance 32-bit ARM Cortex processors used for control. Advanced algorithms are used to control the motor and secure safe operations. Impressive performance, small dimensions and low weight are characteristic. These speed controllers also offer a range of innovative functions, control and configuration options and PC communication capabilities.

Real-time monitoring and logging of operating data are givens. Excellent motor control is complimented by unique battery management and protection. Active safety components, expanded to include the Emergency Stop function, make operation even safer.

This is a completely unique feature and particularly invaluable for electric vehicles (EV), allowing traction batteries to be disconnected when the motor is running. They are produced in a number of different configurations and with various options, including air, fan or water cooling.

All types in this category feature galvanic separation. Hardware and software customization is possible using customer specifications and needs to transform these speed controllers into extremely efficient components for a wide spectrum of uses. Applications range from the largest EVs (electric aircraft, ships, motorbikes, UAVs, etc.) to various other applications requiring high performance with minimal dimensions and weight along with high reliability and quality with exceptional drive unit management.